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Respectful Transitions

Respectful Transitions creates art as unique as the trees from which they come.

What people say about Tom 

(Tom) Peter is like a preacher in and outdoor cathedral, officiating the ceremony of passage from one life to the next.

– Bill Hudson, WCCO TV


It is art in your hands of the property you used to live on, a legend of your lifetime.

– Rolfe McAfee


Tom has the rare gift of deeply seeing and supporting the connection between a person and his or her favorite tree.

The pieces he created for my family are among our greatest treasures. They encapsulate our love for the old home place that we left behind. And the joy he brings to this work is infectious!

– Barbara McAfee


When it's time to leave your home and the trees you love, or if your tree topples in a storm, Tom Peter's tree art keeps the memories of the trees you love alive

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